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Scent is the key to hearts and minds.

Oilo's mission is to provide pure, organic essential oils produced with respect for the environment, in line with the principles of less waste and sustainable development policy.

We spread knowledge about their safe use as support for the body and psyche. We show that fragrance can support mental health and well-being.

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Essential oils by Oilo


Oilo's essential oils are sourced from organic plantations certified by USDA Organic, One Cert, and India Organic. The distilleries are spread all over the world - we extract essences from regions where plants naturally occur. This guarantees optimal growth conditions and the highest saturation with phytonutrients. Production is done slowly, preserving the properties of the essential oils and their intense aroma

Essence of safety

Oilo products are certified essential oils. They are completely natural, with no preservatives, fillers or solvents. We ensure that plant material comes from plantations that do not use chemical pesticides, which could penetrate into the essences. Oilo's essential oils have the recommendation of the Polish Aromatherapy Society and the Association of Essential Oil Distributors.

Essential oils by Oilo


Oilo's organic essential oils and their blends are products with a 100% therapeutic value. They have somatic, mental and emotional healing properties. Their quality and effects are examined by independent institutions. Each certified essential oil comes with a Product Characteristics Sheet with detailed phytonutrient contents and therapeutic properties.

Essence of versatility

Therapeutic essential oils by Oilo are intended for inhalation, diffusion, and massage. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, and eco-friendly cleaning products. Diffuser essential oils are recommended for aromatherapy for colds, during relaxation, meditation, and prayer. They are ideal for home use, as well as for essential oil diffusers in clinics, commercial spaces, beauty salons, and spas.

Natural essential oils


Every element of our products reflects respect for the world around us and the goods it shares with us. Oilo's essential oils are sourced from organic distilleries, and suppliers who adhere to a policy of sustainable development. Their production on ecological plantations, as well as a shortened supply chain, minimize the carbon footprint. The packaging of the essential oils is also sustainable. Cardboard boxes without printing and fillers are recycled. The paper tape has natural rubber adhesive that quickly decomposes in the environment.

A local character

Oilo is a Polish brand that focuses on native perfectionism. Before cooperating with a supplier, we source plant material directly from plantations and commission its testing in a Polish laboratory. We guarantee the quality and independence of the tests. Certified essential oils are imported from distilleries and then bottled in high-quality dark glass bottles in our own domestic bottling plant.

A local character

Oilo is a Polish brand that focuses on native perfectionism. Before cooperating with a supplier, we source plant material directly from plantations and commission its testing in a Polish laboratory. We guarantee the quality and independence of the tests. Certified essential oils are imported from distilleries and then bottled in high-quality dark glass bottles in our own domestic bottling plant.

Essential oils by Oilo


Oilo provides everything that's necessary for aromatherapy - certified essential oils, proprietary blends, and sophisticated aromatherapy accessories created by artists. We know that scent is not the only sense that needs to be nourished.

Essential oils

Discover the power of floral, herbal, woody, and citrus essential oils. Choose the ones that will support you during illness and bring emotional balance after a busy day.

Essential oil blends

Be enchanted by Oilo's proprietary blends of essential oils. These are products for various occasions. You will find essential oil blends for colds, dates, and work, where energy and mental clarity are needed.


This is the soul of the plant. Hydrosols are by-products of essential oil distillation. They are gentler in action but equally rich in phytonutrients. Ideal as a tonic and mist. Choose your favorite.

Base oils

These are oils produced by cold pressing of seeds and stones of oily plants - perfect cosmetics for skin and hair. They moisturize, smooth, and regenerate. They serve as carriers for the phytochemical components of essential oils. We recommend beautifully scented: raspberry and organic plum from Polish orchards!

Essential oil diffusers

For home, spa, car - Oilo's essential oil diffusers are made from safe materials. They are elegant and functional products thatp will enchant you thanks to their aromatic jewelry.

May the power of nature be with you! The aroma catalog of organic products from Oilo will introduce you to the world of scents and their therapeutic properties. See how much essential oils, their blends, hydrosols, and cosmetic oils can do. Reach for those that will gently touch your senses!

Are you a fan of essential oils? Do you value quality and believe in the power of nature? Do you run a beauty salon, a relaxing spa or a hotel? Perhaps you own shops with natural products? Become our Partner as a distributor of Oilo essential oils BIO and spread healing aromas with us.

How will you benefit from distributing Oilo's essential oils?

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You can gain knowledge at the workshops of our Oilo School! We will teach you how to use essential oils in spas and therapeutic practices to enhance the care and healing process. We will show you how essential oils for massage support the power of treatments. You will provide clients with aromatic and therapeutic experiences that were previously out of their reach. Business aromatherapy workshops are a fragrant dose of knowledge for owners of beauty salons, massage parlors, spas, shops, and companies. Experience nature's support.

Oilo app

The Oilo app is a treasury of verified information about essential oils, their properties, and the principles of aromatherapy safety. It is a source of facts, not myths. It will serve as advice and help when making a purchase. Don't sniff around on the internet looking for the truth. You have the free Oilo essential oils app right at your fingertips.

* The app is available only in Polish for now.

essential oils for everyone

Become an "aroma lover"

Oilo's essential oils are available for retail sale in our online aromatherapy shop. You have access to the full range of several hundred essential oils and their blends. Detailed information for each product helps in the selection.

We want to be as close as possible


Oilo's essential oils, their blends, and accessories are available throughout the country. We collaborate with partners in major cities. You will find the essences in eco-product stores, as well as in beauty salons and spa. Click on the nearest city to find our partner.

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Behind the Oilo brand are professionals who combine classical elements with the use of Oilo's essential oils' properties in psycho-physical therapy. Would you like to meet them?

Oilo Ambassadors


What does "therapeutic grade"mean for essential oils?

The therapeutic grade of essential oils means that they are produced from plants sourced from organic, certified plantations where no chemical pesticides are used. The production process is slow. Steam distillation of plant material occurs at low temperatures and optimally low pressure, ensuring maximum saturation of the essence with phytonutrients from the plants. Additionally, therapeutic-grade essential oils are bottled, transported, and stored under appropriate conditions. They are also subjected to stringent testing in laboratories, including testing for purity and health-promoting values. These are not just essences with exceptionally strong aromas; they are primarily products that have a positive impact on human and animal health, both physically and emotionally. Oilo is one of the few brands worldwide that distributes aromatherapeutic oils of therapeutic grade. Such essences constitute only 5% of all available fragrance products worldwide!

Natural essential oils are derived from natural raw materials and should not be diluted with petroleum-derived or synthetic substances. In reality, however, imported oils are rarely tested in laboratories by distributors. This is costly and time-consuming, and unfortunately, not mandatory.

Organic essential oils are natural oils made from materials from certified, organic farms. Like them, they should be tested in appropriate laboratories for the presence of heavy metals and pesticides, among other things. Contaminants may be foundin essences when plant material is not properly cultivated, for example, when chemical pesticides are used, and plantations are located near industrial zones.

Olejki o wartości  terapeutycznej are made from natural raw materials grown under strict control. The production process is extremely restrictive. No chemical pesticides are used duringcultivation. The material is often hand-picked, as is the case with jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang flowers. This minimizes the risk of mechanical damage and loss of properties. The collection of plant material is always tailored to the requirements of the plant. A perfect example is jasmine, which is harvested before sunrise and only from trees that are at least 30 years old. Damascus rose, on the other hand, is harvested for only two weeks a year, and the petals are hand-picked between 4 and 5 in the morning. The steam distillation process, used to extract the majority of therapeutic-grade essential oils, is carried out slowly, at low temperatures, and optimally low pressure. The steam is immediately cooled. This allows the essence to penetrate the full range of active plant ingredients, and the oil has the most health-promoting properties. Therapeutic-grade oils are more intense in scent and more condensed, meaning they are more efficient. Often, one drop of therapeutic-grade oil is equivalent to 15/20 drops of natural oil.

Essential oils in the therapeutic grade undergo mandatory, rigorous testing in independent laboratories. The method of transport and storage is also significant. The appropriate conditions that both producers and distributors must adhere to guarantee the maintenance of the health-promoting values of the essences.

Oilo is one of the few brands in the world that selects and distributes essences in this way - only about 5% of the world's oils are of such high quality.

Essential oils are tested in a specialized, independent laboratory in Poland. Chromatography of each batch of products is performed. The purity of the oils is verified (including the presence of synthetic fillers and heavy metals). Each oil has its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), confirming its purity and containing a detailed composition of the essence. MSDS certificates are sent to the customer as part of order fulfillment.

Oilo products are available through our distributors. You can check the full and current list of Oilo Partners here. It is also available in the free Oilo mobile application. When looking for the nearest distributor, make sure they have the essential oil you are interested in. Each person collaborating with us decides which essences are most interesting to them and their customers. In 2024, we are opening our own fragrant Oilo boutique in Warsaw. It will be a place where you will find the richest and most comprehensive stationary offer. Look for us also at trade fairs and industry events, where we are increasingly present.

Essential oils have a wide range of properties, especially when combined in blends. Similarly, carrier oils and hydrosols are full of active substances that naturally affect the body. Their health-promoting properties are determined by the plants from which they are derived.

However, these three groups of products differ fundamentally. Essential oils are pure extracts from plants with an extremely wide therapeutic range. They are usually produced by steam distillation, occasionally by extraction (e.g., vanilla oil or jasmine absolute), or cold-pressing fruit peels (e.g., citrus oils).

Hydrosols are known as the soul of the plant. They are also produced by steam distillation - in the first fraction of the process. They are lighter and less intense than concentrated essential oils. They can be used several times a day - almost without limits. They are excellent as facial tonics or mists on hot days.

Carrier oils, on the other hand, are produced by cold-pressing oily plants. They have an abundance of active ingredients with health-promoting and care values. At the same time, they act as carriers of phytonutrients from essential oils. They are used to dissolve them before application to the skin or added to baths. It should be remembered that essential oils should not be applied to the body without prior dilution. They can cause irritation, and some (e.g., cinnamon oil) burns.

Details about the therapeutic values of individual Oilo products can be found on the website, as well as in the free Oilo mobile application - Essential Oils. We have also included an index of ailments and indications indicating which essential oils may be helpful in treatments.

We recommend ordering about 7-14 types of essential oils, 2-3 carrier oils, 2-3 hydrosols, and 1-2 models of aromatherapy diffusers. This way, you will have a complete set of high-quality aromatherapy products.

Certainly, this is not an easy task, considering that Oilo already has dozens of different essences. If you are just starting your adventure with essential oils, consider your needs, such as the ailments you are currently experiencing. Are you congested or have a fever? Try thyme oil. Are you living with stress? Reach for lavender oil, ylang-ylang, geranium, or maybe you are overwhelmed with duties and time is running out? For you, rosemary will be suitable.

To start your adventure with essential oils, choose a few essences known for being the gentlest. These include the aforementioned lavender essential oil - ideal for stress, insomnia, or caring for irritated or problematic skin; it is even allowed for infants. We also recommend citrus oils, which help fight stress but also provide a powerful dose of energy. Particularly popular are lemon tree oil, mandarin (loved by toddlers and children), and lemon oil.

Our clients often rave about geranium and rose oil. They restore self-confidence and faith in one's own strength. They strengthen feminine power and, in terms of physical health, help with menstrual discomfort.

For colds, reach for peppermint, thyme, cedarwood, frankincense, and patchouli oils.

You can also choose blends in which we have combined essential oils to strengthen and complement their effects. Among the bestsellers are "Alchemists" - an ideal oil for colds and for making DIY home detergents, "Relax" - a perfect blend for evenings after a day full of stressful challenges, "Be Strong," which will brighten your mind in the morning and fill you with energy for action, "Amore" - for those seeking love or wanting to strengthen relationships in a partnership. It is an idyllic blend of aphrodisiac oils. Similarly, "Tender Touch" will have an effect, while "Go Sleep" will bring you to a state of balance and "lull" you to sleep. The "Country Summer" blend is perfect for a spring and summer walk - it repels ticks, mosquitoes, and flies.

When choosing essential oils, don't forget about ultrasonic diffusers. You can choose traditional or portable ones. You can complement them with car diffusers. We also have a wonderful collection of aromatherapy jewelry that can be saturated with your favorite scents.

Diffusion is the safest and most versatile method of using plant essences. It's worth reaching for it at the beginning of your aromatherapy adventure when you don't yet know how products affect you.
You can also supplement your starter kit with carrier oils. The mildest is sweet almond oil. As the only one, it can be used even on newborns. This will be the safest and most accurate choice.

Among other oils, which are extremely popular among our clients, you will find jojoba, hemp, raspberry, and prickly pear oils. The latter is called a natural botox and is recommended especially for aging and mature skin.

Among the most popular hydrosols are: rose, lavender, neroli, and mint.

More and more customers are also delighted with our CBD oils with concentrations of 10%, 20%, and 30%.

We recommend choosing products seasonally to ensure that they will be used within 2-3 months.

Essential oils, carrier oils, and hydrosols are sensitive to high temperatures and UV radiation. These factors accelerate the oxidation process of the essences, leading to changes or loss of their therapeutic properties. Therefore, they should be kept away from heat sources and protected from sunlight. If they are not used daily, the best storage option is the refrigerator. However, temperature changes can also be detrimental to the products. So, if you use them daily, it's better to keep them in the coolest possible place in a cabinet or drawer, away from radiators or other sources of heat. Oilo oils are supplied in dark glass bottles, which is the best packaging for them. Try not to change it. After each use, it's also good to tightly close the cap to prevent the oils from evaporating. Remember that these are volatile substances, so the bottles should stand upright.

The shelf life of Oilo products depends on their type. Citrus oils are the least durable. It's best to use them within a year of opening. The others have a shelf life of about 2 years. The most durable are resinous/balsamic essential oils. The scent of all essences will last in the bottle for several years, but over time, oxidation processes occur, and the properties of the oils gradually weaken. An interesting exception is patchouli essential oil. It's like wine - the older, the better.

We do not recommend using essential oils in aromatherapy chimneys. It's not harmful, but essences are very sensitive to high temperatures. If they are heated for a long time, , they lose their therapeutic properties. Many oil molecules are precipitated and simply decompose. For these reasons, we recommend using ultrasonic diffusers (also available on and odorless oil candles. We also encourage you to check out our gift boxes, where you will find interesting sets of ecological candles and essential oils. If you are keen on using a chimneys, it's better to reserve it for special occasions, for example, a romantic evening for two.

We invite you to join the team of Oilo Partners who want to spread the power of nature and the strength of aromatherapy. With us, you choose when, what, and how many organic products you want to use and promote. You receive from us the necessary know-how and highest quality, certified essential oils, base oils, and all the accessories necessary for aromatherapy. Will you join us?